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"I have to admit that any day is a better day as soon as one plays your new CD. You cannot help but dance around the room while listening"

Carole Adams
Senior Sales Director
Lewiston, Maine

"Jonathan, I wake up with you every morning (whoo hoo!) and I think all our consultants should too! How about that for a testimony????? Thanks for sharing your talent and thanks for your donations to the MKA Charitable Foundation."

Cape Coral, Florida
Senior Director

"My husband liked it so much and was so impressed with your talent that he asked if he could have one of his own to play in his office and on the way to and from work. Now, I don't you don't know him but take that as a HUGE compliment. I have never known him to be that impressed except when I picked up my 1st Red Grand Am."

Karen Ayers
Orlando, Florida
Sales Director

"I was lucky enough to be at Joan Watson's NSD Debut on March 9th out on Long Island to hear you sing. WHAT AN AWESOME TREAT!!! I had only very slight exposure to your CD at our unit meetings. After hearing you that day I bought the CD without even thinking about it. My 4 and 6 year old daughters absolutely love it! I plan to bring it to every class and show I do from now on. What a great way to get the guests even more excited about Mary Kay -- never mind what it does for me every time I listen to it!"

"Your song, 'I Wish I Could Have Known You Then', is beautiful beyond words. I have been a Consultant for only 1 and a half years. Obviously I've never met Mary Kay. Her death, in an odd way, affected me very deeply. This song is exactly how I feel. What a wonderful way to express appreciation to this marvelous woman who couldn't possibly know the extent of her touch."

"Thank you for sharing your gift and yourself with all of us."

Norine Bornschein
Independent Beauty Consultant

"As an NSD at the Diamond Leadership I had the privilege of hearing and watching you on stage. I enjoyed your performance so much that I ordered your CD Pink Twist and have just finished listening to all of the songs. I want to tell you how much I enjoyed all of them but especially your tribute to our Beautiful Mary Kay. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us and making our days brighter. Mary Kay would have loved your songs."

Kathy Z. Rasmussen
Executive NSD

"Just received and listened to your 'pink twist' cd. It is absolutely awesome......the Mary Kay tribute was very touching and I loved your spiritual numbers. Playing it will be a Monday night tradition .....I know the consultants will love it, too! Thanks for sharing this at Leadership....you were wonderful.. OH, my husband walked in on 'I Like It' and was right with you! HA! He's a great MK husband, too! Thanks, again!"

Kay Whitney
Sr. Director

"Thank you so much for adding such fun to our Mary Kay world. Having met you for the first time when my NSD Sherril Steinman celebrated her debut in Detroit last fall, I was thrilled to hear that you would be in San Antonio for Leadership Conference. You certainly did not disappoint. My only regret is that you weren't given more time on the program to share your music and your enthusiasm."

"....Who wouldn't want to watch you perform your music? Your infectious smile, the twinkle in your eye and the occasional look of mischief on your face says as much as the words and music...My unit loves hearing my CD, but I know they are not hearing it in the same way that I do because they cannot picture you performing."

"I know that this is not your 'real job', so I really want to thank you for taking time to share your talents with all of us. I hope to have the opportunity to see you 'live and in person' again soon."

Barb Haas
Independent Sales Director

"I'm opening my meeting each week with one of your songs and we are singin' and rockin' to the famous pink twist!"

"It's so cute, I'll be singing your songs and even my husband can finish the verses. Thank you for filling a need in our Mary Kay lives! Thank you for the energy you give to us daily with your fabulous CD."

Carol Anderson
Senior Sales Director
Glenwood City WI

"You are a BLESSING!!! My girls in my unit LOVE your CD!! We play it at our new consultant training too!"

"My daughter is 14 and had two girlfriends spend the night.. the next morning I had on my mask, came out to the breakfast table, was dancing around with wet hair, mask and all, and being silly.. singing "TRY MARY KAY".. they LOVED it!! And when I saw them at the junior high dance the other night they came running up to me singing, "Try Mary Kay".. laughing and giving me a hug..."

"Thank you for touching my heart and life and allowing me to share your talent with everyone I know in MK and my future MK friends!"

Vicki Tolman
Sales Director

"I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!!! Just wanted to let you know I received my CD today. This CD is just fabulous, my pre-teen son even said its 'pretty cool mom!'"

"Thanks! I hope you create even more 'pinktwist' for us in the future."

Donna Vogel

"My director gave me your CD and it is THE BEST!! I didn't know what to expect when I first played it. I had never heard any of it before (my director is out-of-town). When Ode to Satin Hands came on, I laughed so hard that I almost wrecked the car. I know people in other cars thought I was nuts, but I didn't care."

"My husband, who has never been "into" anything Mary Kay, got a kick out of it, too. Thank you!!"

Love, Karla
Team Leader

"I've always wanted to have something like this CD....It's obvious that you believe fear and fun can't reside in the same space, and that will inspire many women who get wrapped up in fear! Keep up the great work -- I truly enjoyed your performance at Leadership in San Antonio! Please let me know if you are going to be in the south Texas area -- I wouldn't want to miss it!"

Jan King

"Your music is awesome! I've been in Mary Kary almost 20 years and haven't heard anything as much fun to listen to or as motivating in forever! You have a wonderful gift and we are so lucky you were willing to share with the rest of us! Thanks!"

Gail Minke
Lexington, Kentucky

"I will always remember Leadership 2002 in San Antonio because you and your songs made it so FUN! Thank you so much for your songs that will give people a new way to look at what we really do in Mary Kay - - - help women to not only look good and feel good about themselves but to have fun and enjoy life as well."

Goldia Coldon
Independent Sales Director
St. Louis, Missouri

"You and your sweet wife and nothing short of inspiring. It is wonderful to know, we share the same beliefs and feelings about Mary Kay, and her company. So many of us never got a chance to meet her."
"Thank you for catching the vision, sharing the dream and spreading the spirit of Mary Kay through your talent. You really do have a gift. Keep it up."

Kallee Cooper
Independent Sales Director
Pleasant Grove, Utah

"Your music is VERY creative, motivating and funny and will inspire me all the way through DIQ!"

Tracy L. Martin
Independent Beauty Consultant

"Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us at the recent NSD Debut of Sherril Steinman in Detroit. The CD is terrific! Can't wait for the next one... I haven't taken the cd out of my car since we got back! In fact, I have 2 - one in the car, one in my office! Thanks again for the great job you did - please let us know when your next cd is available!"

Nancy & Ed
Ovsenik, Midland, MI

"Just wanted to email you and let you know how much I am enjoying your music. I play it over and over every day. In the car and in my office. I can't wait for your next CD. I had to give a 10 minute presentation to the business networking group I belong to and I finished with your "Pink Mambo No.5" song. They all wanted to hear the rest of the songs. Keep up the great job. I like it, I love it, Can't get enough of it!!!!!!!!!"

Jeanne Dosch

"My 4 year old daughter loves the cd and it is something that we, as consultants, have needed. Thank You! I find it very inspiring and a lot like my affirmations tape."

Traci Bergeon
Future Sales Director
Mason, Michigan

"We are LOVING your CD!!! We pretty much have it memorized after playing it SO MANY times and we aren't tiring of it at all! I hope you can accommodate me with a request for more....we played your CD this past weekend at my East Coast Retreat and they loved it, too! My Directors there are requesting it, as well. . . . today when I mentioned that your CD's is like great affirmations set to music . . . . .. I've "warm chattered" 4 or 5 people since listening to your music over and over"

Judy Kawiecki
Million Dollar Director
Future NSD

"You were absolutely fantastic at Sherill Steinman's debut. Thank You! ....We are having so much fun with this.... You are on your way to huge"Stardom" in the Mary Kay world. You haven't seen anything yet."

Barb Faber



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