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Right: Allison (10), Sheldon (13), Lauren (2 mths), Halli (4), Nicole (8)
July 2007
My name is Jonathan. My wife is Sarah Boone, Independent Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Inc. ®. I'm just a typical Mary Kay® husband. I was a little skeptical when Sarah started her business. But a year later, in the summer of '98, she was a Pink Cadillac Director, and I wasn't quite so skeptical anymore. I was asked to speak at her Director's Debut, and I talked about the changes I'd seen in her and the power of dreaming and setting goals. I also sang "The Impossible Dream" from The Man of La Mancha. It was acapella and probably didn't sound very good, but it went along well with my theme, and when you're a guy singing to a room full of exited women you can get away with something like that. Our National Sales Director, Julianne Nagle Hackett, thought that type of thing would be entertaining for our Area Awards Night at the Diamond Seminar. So I sang a few songs there, and everything was fine. The problems began the next year at Seminar. Julianne asked me to sing again, so I did. I thought it might liven things up a bit to sing "Pink Mambo No. 5". It was just a silly parody I'd made up with my little girls. I think it livened things up too much. Soon I had requests to sing it every time there was a big event in our area. I created a few more songs for variety, and that only made it worse. Guest NSDs would come to town to speak. They would hear me and ask if I could come to their event and perform. In January of 2002 I was invited to perform onstage at the Mary Kay® Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Since then I've performed for thousands of MK® women in more than half of the states and a couple of foreign countries. Women kept asking me to record the songs. (I guess they liked the songs but didn't want to have to look at me.) Anyway, I finally went through all the legal, licensing things and made a CD. So this didn't start out as a business venture. I was forced into it.

We live in Provo, Utah at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch mountains. I'm the oldest of 10 children (5 boys & 5 girls.) Sarah and I have 5 adorable daughters (Sheldon 1994, Allison 1997, Nicole 1999, Hallie 2003 and Lauren 2007) who all love to sing. I work in the construction industry as a general contractor and build custom homes. Yes, I do write all the songs myself so you can't blame anyone else.

I really love Mary Kay® and the impact that it has on people's lives. I truly admire its founder Mary Kay Ash. It's motivating and inspiring to be around all the optimistic and successful women who have chosen this business as the vehicle to reach their dreams. I hope these songs will entertain you and maybe help motivate you as you accomplish your goals. If you enjoy them half as much as my little girls do, then it will have been worth the effort.




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